As we traverse through our lives, moving from college to first full-time job or grad school and then professional lives, or pursue entrepreneurial ambitions to build something new and scale it, we continue to take inspiration from those highly successful individuals that have 'made it' - achieved what we are aspiring to. The definition of… Continue reading TO SUCCEED IN LIFE, BUILD THESE SKILLS…

I have seen the future, it is mind-blowing, abundant & scary. And I want to create it!

As I was beginning to write this blog, I was considering to use the title Brain re-wired, as that is exactly what I experienced last week at Singularity University Global Summit 2019. If you don’t yet know about Singularity University, it is time you must. Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil founded this amazing institution a… Continue reading I have seen the future, it is mind-blowing, abundant & scary. And I want to create it!

Why I wrote a book?

Over the course of almost two decades of experience, mostly in the Silicon Valley, I had the unique opportunity to work with world's most prestigious brands across varying industries ranging from high tech, semi-conductors, software, consumer products, retail & health care to Oil & Gas, Utilities and Petrochemicals. Throughout this journey, I worked with business… Continue reading Why I wrote a book?

Design Thinking for Problem Solving and Innovation

Thoughtful deliberation

  With over 15 years of experience in solving problems facing organizations from the largest in the world to the smallest start-ups in varying capacities, I have come to the appreciation of balancing creative sparks with analytical rigor to not just solve, rather find problems to solve. Contrary to the widely held misconception that creativity is a… Continue reading Design Thinking for Problem Solving and Innovation