About Mashhood

Photo credit: Wasi Alam

Mashhood is a senior product, platform, and strategy leader, who has been driving innovation with the world’s leading companies and start-ups for 23 years in Silicon Valley. Mashhood leverages his technology background, deep business expertise, and design thinking skills to solve complex problems using advanced technology and remove friction from the user experience.

Mashhood has built products as a software developer, helped launch solutions to market as a product manager, driven strategy for a half-billion-dollar product line, spearheaded innovation-led sales programs, driven co-innovation projects with customers in various industries, led digital transformation initiatives for the world’s top enterprises, advised numerous start-ups and converted several ideas into businesses during the course of his career.

Mashhood has been granted six US patents and is in the process of filing a seventh one. He has also won two prestigious design awards including the Red Dot award for the best innovative design concept. Mashhood also published his first book on transforming an idea into a business using Design Thinking in 2018. Mashhood has been a regular guest speaker at several industry & entrepreneurial events and various business schools around the world.

Mashhood lives in Silicon Valley and is currently leading the platform product organization at the world’s largest digital infrastructure and interconnection provider, Equinix.

Mashhood also serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Design Thinking Executive Program at the University of California – Riverside.

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