Staying relevant in the age of Exponential Transformation

We are living in an age of exponential technological progress which is happening at a pace unprecedented throughout the history of mankind. This progress is teansforming every endeavor of human activity and all industries. New business models and value propositions are disrupting decades old ways of doing business. Human experiences are also being drastically transformed through new technologies including smartphones, voice-based interfaces, conversational bots, virtual and augmented realities, Generative Large Language multi-modal models, and brain-computer interfaces to name a few.

These advancements, on the one hand present unimaginable possibliities to unleash human creative potential, but on the other hand, also present imminent danger of making businesses and individuals lose their relevance in a short order. So what could we, as individuals and businesses, do to stay relevant in this age of exponential transformation. I explore this and share some ideas in a talk I recently gave to the visiting MBA students from Pakistan’s premiere business school – Lahore University of Management Sciences in Silicon Valley.

Here is the recording.

I would love to hear your perspectives around this pertinent topic as well.

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