Staying relevant in the age of Exponential Transformation

We are living in an age of exponential technological progress which is happening at a pace unprecedented throughout the history of mankind. This progress is teansforming every endeavor of human activity and all industries. New business models and value propositions are disrupting decades old ways of doing business. Human experiences are also being drastically transformed… Continue reading Staying relevant in the age of Exponential Transformation

To the best leadership coach, my mom!

As I thought about who has had the most profound impact on my life, the one and the only person that came to my mind, is Ammi, my mother. Without her presence in my life as a guide, I would surely not be who I am today! On this Mother's day, I thought to share… Continue reading To the best leadership coach, my mom!


As we traverse through our lives, moving from college to first full-time job or grad school and then professional lives, or pursue entrepreneurial ambitions to build something new and scale it, we continue to take inspiration from those highly successful individuals that have 'made it' - achieved what we are aspiring to. The definition of… Continue reading TO SUCCEED IN LIFE, BUILD THESE SKILLS…

Webinar series on “Transforming an idea into a business with Design Thinking”

I was recently invited by OPEN Silicon Valley to host online workshops around Design Thinking for the community. During the COVID-19 quarantine, I thought this would provide a way for many individuals to spend some time learning something useful. Here are the recordings of the Five-part webinar series that I hosted for a global audience.… Continue reading Webinar series on “Transforming an idea into a business with Design Thinking”

I have seen the future, it is mind-blowing, abundant & scary. And I want to create it!

As I was beginning to write this blog, I was considering to use the title Brain re-wired, as that is exactly what I experienced last week at Singularity University Global Summit 2019. If you don’t yet know about Singularity University, it is time you must. Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil founded this amazing institution a… Continue reading I have seen the future, it is mind-blowing, abundant & scary. And I want to create it!

Why I wrote a book?

Over the course of almost two decades of experience, mostly in the Silicon Valley, I had the unique opportunity to work with world's most prestigious brands across varying industries ranging from high tech, semi-conductors, software, consumer products, retail & health care to Oil & Gas, Utilities and Petrochemicals. Throughout this journey, I worked with business… Continue reading Why I wrote a book?

Elevate Product Management to the next level using Design Thinking

Design Thinking for Product Management

With the experience of being a product manager of a key enterprise application and having driven product strategy for several hundred million dollar enterprise product line, I have lived through the challenges of product management in an enterprise environment. Customers for multi-million dollar solutions not just look to solve real life problems impacting key aspects… Continue reading Elevate Product Management to the next level using Design Thinking

How best to formulate business strategy using Design Thinking?

With management consultants and industry experts promising to solve challenges facing organizations, how could design thinking be used to tackle strategic issues facing large and small companies?