I have seen the future, it is mind-blowing, abundant & scary. And I want to create it!

As I was beginning to write this blog, I was considering to use the title Brain re-wired, as that is exactly what I experienced last week at Singularity University Global Summit 2019. If you don’t yet know about Singularity University, it is time you must.

Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil founded this amazing institution a decade ago to help entrepreneurs, students, and business leaders learn to think exponentially. I’ll talk more about it in future blogs.  

Regardless of who you are, how old you are and what you do, you are about to experience a world that will be drastically different than the world you have known your entire life. How drastic would this transformed future be? Well, this series of blogs will give you a preview of that exponentially transformed future.

We have all seen videos, and some of us have experienced self-driving vehicles, which are poised to directly transform the transportation and indirectly disrupt many other sectors, however, this is just a teaser of what’s to come. AI and digitization of the physical world are radically changing the way we live, work and go about our daily lives.

The biggest earthquake in recorded history happened in 1960 in Chile. The 9.1 magnitude quake had a devastating impact on the affected regions, causing a tsunami that impacted Japan as well. Imagine an earthquake 10 times the intensity of that one, metaphorically speaking, hitting humanity in the coming years impacting every single individual on this planet. The power of this massively disruptive force could be catastrophic for much of humanity. On the other hand, this power could be harnessed to create a future full of abundance ridding the world from the malice of hunger, disease, abject poverty and unleashing a wave of human creative potential never dreamt possible as well!

Imagine a world where perfect knowledge around any subject is not just at your fingertips, but accessible to you at the speed of your thought, directly fed to your brain that is connected to the cloud!

Imagine if you are able to communicate with other humans who speak totally different languages effortlessly and even without uttering a word!

Imagine if you live for 200 years and enjoyed the same health as you enjoy in your youth for much of that duration!

Imagine if you could have as many careers as you wished and the only hurdle in changing your career is your own choice!

Imagine if you could reverse age-related degeneration of your parents and bring them back to the same level of energy as when they were in their 30s!

Imagine learning not being confined to the classroom and is available to your children in the form of their favorite video game in a virtual environment where they are rewarded for learning and where grades did not matter!

Imagine if energy generation emits zero carbon dioxide!

Imagine if consuming beef doesn’t require the slaughtering of cows!

Imagine if you know how susceptible you are for specific diseases decades in advance and take actions to prevent that disease from afflicting you!

Imagine if this knowledge is derived from the contents you flush down your toilet!

Imagine if gene therapy eradicates conditions like Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimers before the baby is born!

Imagine if you could 3D-print a personalized pill for yourself in your home to treat all the chronic conditions with 99+% efficacy! (Today each pill treats one disease and is less than 25% effective generally)

Imagine if your chronic condition like Type 1 diabetes and hypertension is fully cured!

Imagine if no-one dies waiting for an organ from a donor as organs with a patient’s own cells are 3D printed in hospitals! (Today, more than 85% recipients do not receive an organ in time) 

Imagine if no immunosuppressants needed post organ transplant! (Today, organ transplant recipients require immunosuppressant therapy which kills their body’s immune system making them vulnerable to many diseases)

Imagine if you could get what you want, when you want it, where you want it and how you want it!

The future is about to enable all these and more….

This blog series will cover technologies, mindsets, and trends that will enable this future. Some of the topics that I plan to cover are:

  • The exponentially improving world that we live in today.
  • The radically different way of thinking – Exponential Thinking, Massively Transformative Purpose, and Moonshots!
  • The mindset needed for enabling this future – an abundance and innovation mindset.
  • Advancements in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Augmented intelligence.
  • Advancements in Medicine.
  • Applied Neuroscience.
  • Blockchain.
  • Trends in Energy.
  • Adventures beyond earth – Space!
  • Exponential Business Models.
  • Organizational Transformation through Disruption mindset.
  • Leadership.
  • Human-centricity, a key for the future.
  • AQ, not IQ.

As mentioned above, there are risks that may see massive unemployment, sinister use of AI for massive disruption to global order and existential risk to humans. In my final blog of this series, I’ll cover some of those risks and what should we be doing to mitigate these risks.

I would love to hear from you on what you think of this futuristic topic and learn from you.


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