Why I wrote a book?

Over the course of almost two decades of experience, mostly in the Silicon Valley, I had the unique opportunity to work with world’s most prestigious brands across varying industries ranging from high tech, semi-conductors, software, consumer products, retail & health care to Oil & Gas, Utilities and Petrochemicals.

Throughout this journey, I worked with business leaders, functional experts, technologists, industry experts, project managers, product managers, engineers, software developers, data scientists and end-users who were looking to complete the task. What fascinated me was that all of these individuals were full of ideas.

Some of them, who were lucky enough to have retained their creative capacities since their childhood, had an idea of a cool App or software solution to solve a burning problem or had ideas about a cool gadget. Others, who were proud to be called analytical or critical thinkers understood the problem space, but didn’t not how to solve the problem as they kept analyzing the idea till it got lost into the heap of excel sheets and power point slides.

What was common across most of these remarkable individuals was their lack of creative confidence in moving their ideas forward, primarily because their lack of understanding on what needed to be done to transform those ideas into a business. On top of that, they also struggled to get their arms around the nebulous concept of a business model.

Based on my experience from building products, launching solutions to market, identifying opportunities, understanding human needs through Design Thinking, rapidly prototyping new ideas, experience in selling and implementing solutions, helping start-ups ask the right questions about their ideas and driving high stakes strategic initiatives in a global context, I felt that I could craft an easy-to-use framework that anyone could use to transform their ideas into business.

I distilled my experience and knowledge, building on the work of stalwarts of Innovation, to craft a simple framework, called Transform3Plus1 to help these individuals in Transforming their ideas into business with Design Thinking.

3+1 stands of the 3 stages of innovation plus 1.

The first stage is about understanding the problem from the perspective of the user.

The second stage is about devising solution through experimentation.

The third stage is about crafting a human-centered, value-drive business model.

And the final stage, the often-forgotten stage, is about managing risk to handle uncertainty by being cognizant of all the assumptions being made through the entrepreneurial journey.


This book should help aspiring entrepreneurs, product managers, designers, design thinkers and leaders who are looking to make this world a better place by solving problems – big and small – in creating businesses through new experiences enabled by technology and a sustainable business model.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you on how this book helped (or didn’t help) you in your endeavor.

Get your copy today at http://mashhoodalam.com.

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